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Power of music on display at Walsall New Art Gallery posted 10 Jan 2023

Power of music on display at Walsall New Art Gallery

The Access to Music project provides Looked after Children in Walsall with a 30 minute 1:1 weekly music lesson. On July 14th 2022, these pupils came together at The New Art Gallery in Walsall for a Summer Celebration. This was an event where they could meet the other children on the project, participate in workshops, share the music they have been making with carers and social workers and take in the art works on display. We had an array of instruments including a trumpet, fife, guitar, saxophones and keyboards: quite an eclectic ensemble!

The event was a wonderful celebration of what these pupils had achieved over the year and showed how their confidence and resilience have grown through their music lessons. The pupils really enjoyed playing along to ‘The Wellerman’ and a funky piece called ‘Mr Cool’ and they had great fun in the workshops learning the music as a team.

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