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charanga update

Charanga update

Charanga’s VideoLink system

A reminder that new video teaching technology has been integrated into our platform, enabling instrumental teachers to deliver whole-class or large group lessons directly into the classroom, when working from a remote location. 

Music teachers and hubs around the country are using the VideoLink system to facilitate everything from rehearsals to catch-up lessons. For more information, please email me at


Supporting teachers during the pandemic

During the pandemic, teachers in their thousands turned to Yumu (the children's area of our platform) to support students’ music-making and learning at home, to monitor their progress and to share their music lesson content remotely. Over 1.3 million students are using Yumu today – 555,934 more were given access to Yumu this academic year.  

With signed songs and alternative activities to suit any teaching situation, our Adapted for COVID Scheme also proved popular with those teaching the National Curriculum.



New for 2021-22

A new Model Music Curriculum Scheme will be added to our Musical School programme, ready for September – one of three outstanding Schemes made available to those using Music Professional at no extra cost. 

Aligned to the listening, notation, skills and year-by-year progression pathway of the DfE’s Model Music Curriculum (MMC) guidance, Charanga’s MMC Scheme will feature over 100 new songs and new on-screen apps for teaching music notation and composition. We think you’ll find Music Notepad, a flexible notation tool, of particular interest.

Fulfilling all the requirements of the statutory National Curriculum for Music, our current, award-winning Scheme will remain unchanged to provide continuity for teachers who enjoy using it. There’s also the option for teachers to build their own bespoke Scheme using our new Scheme builder feature.

If you haven’t done so already, log into our 'New for 2021-22' page on your desktop to find preview songs, resources, teacher-support documents and videos.



Personalised learning 

The personalised online learning tool we're developing in partnership with Awards for Young Musicians is being piloted by 140 instrumental teachers across 14 hubs.

Using the Online Individual Learning Plan (O-ILP), teachers and students can explore a wide range of musical activities together, and set goals and targets based on each student’s interests and needs – all designed to support young people’s independent learning and progression.

We are hoping to make the tool available to all instrumental teachers from September.

Photo © Edward Webb 

Charanga’s Trinity College London/Arts Award partnership

This term, we announced an exciting new partnership with Trinity College London supporting young people who want to deepen their engagement with the arts and achieve a national qualification with Arts Award.

Arts Award will provide certification and accreditation opportunities for students engaging with Charanga through their schools and colleges, thereby encouraging them to develop as musicians and music leaders, and explore the wider world of music.

A special discount will be deducted from the cost of students achieving Arts Award at Discover and Bronze levels. Visit this page for full details.


Live events

With lockdown restrictions easing, we look forward to meeting teachers and partners at key music education events, including the Music & Drama Education Expo in London (24 and 25 September) and the Music Mark Conference in Brighton (2nd and 3rd December).

This year, the latter will be a hybrid event supplemented by a virtual conference, open to members and non-members between 25th November and 1st January 2022.

You can register for the Expo on this webpage for free. Those interested in going to the Music Mark Conference should complete this online booking form.



And finally...

We’ve refreshed our website – specifically the pages you visit before logging into the platform. Although some elements of this work will be reflected on pages after you have logged in, your experience of using Charanga will remain unaffected.