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Ora Singers-Composing Competition

Ora Singers-Composing

ORA Singers looking for passion & potential in third Composer Competition & Mentoring Scheme for state-school students

The award-winning ensemble, ORA Singers, announces its 2022 ORA Singers Composer Competition with applications now open! The trail-blazing choral group, which has commissioned 50 new works in the last five years, is now returning its attention to state-sector secondary school students, with the third in its successful series of Composer Competition and Mentoring Schemes.

Building on the success of its previous Competitions, ORA Singers will be increasing the number of students that can be part of the project, opening it up to 50 young musicians; all of whom will receive free compositional training and support, and with 10 Finalists receiving a whole host of additional benefits.

The scheme, a ‘one of a kind’ for Composer Competitions, selects young musicians from state-only schools to be mentored for free by professional composers in order to write an original choral work. 10 Finalists have the opportunity to have their pieces performed and recorded by ORA Singers, and adjudicated by a panel of industry experts (led by Stephen Fry in 2019 and Gareth Malone in 2021).

In addition to the 10 Finalists, 40 Apprentices will receive behind-the-scenes access to the Competition, and 8 hours of compositional masterclasses, introducing them to many aspects of choral history and compositional technique. By the end of these masterclasses, we expect the Apprentices to be in a position to write their own small choral work which will be looked over by our Workshop Leaders.

The ORA Singers Composer Competition is designed to nourish and develop young talent that otherwise might be overlooked, and deliberately targets young people who have not yet had access to specialist tutoring. It does this by assessing personal statements alongside any musical work (complete or incomplete). It is not just looking for the best composers, but students with passion and potential, and wants to encourage all students that are interested in composition to enter.

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