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National month of the Piano posted 08 Sep 2021

National month of the Piano

All during the month of September, it’s National Piano Month! The entire month is set aside to pay tribute to pianists everywhere, piano makers and those who simply enjoy piano music.

Bartolomeo Cristofori is given credit for inventing the first piano in Padua, Italy, around 1700. At the time, Cristofori’s employment with the Florentine Court of the Grand Prince Ferdinando de’ Medici put him in charge of a large collection of the Prince’s musical instruments, including his harpsichords. During this time, Cristofori’s interest in stringed-instruments led him to the early development of the piano. Cristofori’s early piano designs were a testament to technological innovations in keyboard instruments of the times. At the height of the Industrial Revolution, composers and pianists like Mozart and Beethoven found a passion and eagerness for a more powerful and sustainable piano sound. As expected, the piano underwent tremendous changes during the 1790s to the 1860’s, leading to the modern form of the piano.

Why not try learning to play the piano in celebration of National Piano Month. Get in touch to see if we can find a teacher for you. You never know, you might become an expert piano player!

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